Weight loss

I’ve been doing the TRX 6 days a week (for the past 3 weeks) and I’ve cut my cardio down to 20-30 minutes a few days a week.
I’ve lost another pound. Which is exciting because I had plateaued- which is why I kicked up my workouts.


Which = me happy!!



Indie Pop Workout Playlist

I’m always looking for new music to work out to, from indie to rap. I thought I’d share one of my upbeat indie pop playlists that I work out to.

1. Giving up the gun-Vampire Weekend

2. Daylight-Matt and Kim

3. That’s not my name-The Ting Tings

4. I belong in your arms-Chairlift

5. Animal-Mike Snow

6. Hello-Martin Solveig

7. Little Secrets- Passion Pit


9. Anything could happen- Ellie Goulding

10. What you know-Two door cinema club

11. Golden-Parade of lights

12. Dreaming- Smallpools

13. All of me- Tanlines

14. Sun of a gun- Oh land

15. I follow rivers- Lykke Li


Hope you enjoy!

Calorie Counting

I know there’s a good majority of people who are totally against counting calories, and I get it. I tried not to count calories and I put on about 10 pounds. I’m a healthy eater, I just tend to eat too much and take in too many calories when I’m not paying attention and keeping track of what I eat.

I read an interview on Kate Hudson where she was talking about her weight and how she has to keep track of her calories in order to stay at the weight she wants.She mentioned that she uses this app: My Fitness Pal. I thought to myself,”I’m working out like crazy, and eating healthy, so maybe this is my problem.” I downloaded it immediately.

They also haveĀ  a website you can check out. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/

Since downloading the app, I use it everyday and I’ve lost 7 pounds since January. As I said, I know not everyone believes in counting calories, but I know this works for me. I’m petite naturally, at only 5’2″, so when I put on 5 pounds it’s very noticeable. I’d also like to note, I’m in no way starving myself. I eat 3 meals a day with 2 or 3 snacks in between so I’m never hungry.

I just thought I’d mention this app since spring is around the corner and we’re all trying to get ready for the nice weather!